Direct connection to UA-IX


It seems from the traceroute paths that you are linked with DTEL-IX in Ukraine. However, it seems the biggest Ukrainian traffic exchange network is UA-IX (—at least almost all Ukrainian ISPs route its traffic inside Ukraine via it.

On the other hand, routes to DTEL-IX look sometimes very complicated, e.g. my provider (Kyivstar) sometimes directs it via Budapest or Bucharest: thus it’s very confusing when traffic from UA goes to UA through HU and/or RO.

Also, from the list of UA-IX members, I see that Cloudflare is its member, so maybe you need to announce additional routes? By the way, my another provider Lanet gets your traffic via RETN and it says you don’t announce routes to UA-IX (Cloudflare’s 78th Data Center (Kyiv, Ukraine)).

So my question is: Do you plan to fix the issue with UA-IX, or will everything remain as is?

Thanks in advance.

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