Direct access to should not be possible

For SEO reasons, direct access to should not be possible, only if it comes from custom domains (e.g.
This is very serious, search engines will see this as duplication and will penalize the website. I’m surprised this hasn’t been addressed.

To prevent direct access to your and only allow access through your custom domain, you can set up bulk redirects. Follow the guide at Bulk Redirects, but replace with your subdomain in the setup process. This will prevent search engines from treating these as duplicate content.


Thanks for the question @andrei2 and thanks for the answer @WalshyMVP. I wasn’t aware this was possible. Can I ask Walshy why this information doesn’t appear (that I’ve found) anywhere in the pages documentation? The only thing close is Prevent your deployments showing in search results which uses the X-Robots-Tag header in the _headers file (which is still relevant.)

Please make a docs issue and we can add it somewhere :slight_smile:


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