DigitalOcean LoadBalancer and CloudflareDNS

Hi Everyone, this is urgent I think
I have moodle instances on Digitalocean, that connect to one load balancer instances (DigitalOcean Loadbalancer), I want to use Cloudflare DNS with proxy and point it to my loadbalancer IP address. The problem is the loadbalancer can only access one of my two moodle instances (droplet), and not the other. Everytime I untaggad (release) my moodle instances, the connection 504 error appears.

The DNS itself refer to subdomain of a school site:

How Can I mitigate that, or it is a limitation of unpaid version? I will pay though if this should be paid to remedy that problem.

This might be helpful to you:

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Thank you, I am so dumb, the DNS points to my droplet not my loadbalancer, but thanks for the reply!

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