Digital Ocean, Nginx and CloudFlare

A bit confused: I’ve set up a droplet and DO with Nginx and Let’s Encrypt. I’ve also set up CloudFlare, but I have a Universal SSL certificate from CloudFlare. Do I delete the Universal SSL and just go with Let’s Encrypt? Or vice-versa? I cannot access my site at all, via domain or IP. I have Full Strict Policy as well. Much appreciation in advance.

Disable CF and get SSL and the site working first. Then enable CF.

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I had the site working before I enabled CF. It was working just fine with Let’s Encrypt. Should I look into the following?

If you wish to continue to use LetsEncrypt yes run through that and see if it works for you

Thank you. I got it to work by maintaining a Universal cert through CF as well. It works now.

Incidentally, I tried to follow that article but it did not work until I had the Universal cert enabled, not disabled as the article suggested.

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