Digital banking platform Q2 looks towards extensive growth with support from Cloudflare Magic Transit

Q2 began with the radical idea to simplify and integrate the banking experience across mobile, online, and voice channels. From its founding in 2005, the company has grown into a financial industry powerhouse, fueling the digital banking experiences of one out of 10 consumers in the US. Thirty-five percent of the country’s top 100 banks rely on Q2’s digital banking and lending services.

“On average, roughly 35% of all inbound traffic to Q2’s private cloud is malicious,” says Pena. “By leveraging Cloudflare, we eliminate that before it ever reaches our infrastructure.” Cloudflare inspects all of Q2’s traffic for attacks. When malicious traffic is detected, it is automatically blocked in less than three seconds. Magic Transit provides more than 100 Tbps of network capacity and near-instant mitigation. Cloudflare’s global network stops threats close to where they originate, so only clean traffic is routed to Q2’s data centers and cloud providers, eliminating wasted bandwidth. Read more.

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