Dig shows proper DNS records, Zone stuck pending, DNSSEC disabled

Cloudflare is appropriately serving the DNS for my site, however the zone remains pending on my account many days after it had been set up/configured.

I’ve ensured DNSSEC is disabled both from my registrar and Cloudflare.

Running dig returns the appropriate nameservers:

$ dig +short ns snarkle.rocks

One thing I’ve noted is that the Cloudflare overview lists the nameservers in reverse order as it asks me to remove/replace them.

I’ve tried deleting the site and re-adding it with no luck. I then tried to submit a support ticket but was told to post here first while mentioning:

"Account Dash Ticket - nameservers have been properly pointed to Cloudflare, but status is stuck pending."


This is the domain right ? how many hours have to wait ?

There will be a button Re-check Nameservers or Check Nameservers some like that have you clicked it ?

The domain is snarkle.rocks. I originally configured the site with Cloudflare 14 days ago. The dns has been accurately resolved through Cloudflare for the past 2 weeks, It just reports as “pending” (with the above screenshot in the overview).

I have attempted to click the re-check nameservers button on a few occasions (both with and without more than an hour wait in-between).

About an hour and a half ago I deleted the site and attempted to re-add it in Cloudflare. The behavior has been the same. I had also clicked on the re-check nameservers button then and again.

This config in namecheap has not changed for 2 weeks:

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Adding an additional screenshot (showing DNSSEC disabled at registrar) and some additional data.

$ dig +short soa snarkle.rocks
marjory.ns.cloudflare.com. dns.cloudflare.com. 2269055740 10000 2400 604800 3600

Oh this is quite silly – I see now there is a typo in marjory :sweat_smile:

Marking this as resolved.


Oh . Lol Mistakes happen from everyone . I also did not have a look at the name servers clearly

Have a Great Day !

Did you added your Cloudflare account nameservers to your domain at Namecheap before you have added your domain to your Cloudflare account? :thinking:

Currently, it’s loading fine and working from my end.
Can you confirm?

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The issue was Nameserver Typo

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