Dig shows incorrect settings and I cannot reach my website

I have changed the DNS records as required, but when I run a dig, it shows the incorrect settings. I transferred this domain over to CF several days ago.

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What is the domain?

travagh dot me

In what way are the settings wrong for you?

Your Cloudflare settings are set to proxy the DNS records so you will only see Cloudflare IP addresses from the outside, not your origin IP addresses.


Your site is timing out so check those records are set correctly to point at your hosting.


The settings are most likely unexpected vs. incorrect WRT the DNS values returned. The above link describes why.

Checking the specific error code will provide suggestions for likely causes and remediations for the HTTPS requests themselves.

So if the IPs are the CF proxied addresses, it’s fine; that’s what I’m to understand?

But why am I unable to reach the website?

If you search here for ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS you will see that most often this is a redirect loop caused by not using Full (strict) encryption mode.


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