Dig does not show TXT and CNAME records


my domain www.endener.com does have some troubles after 48 hours I updated my DNS records. I added TXT and CNAME records for Google, Bing and Yandex. Still it does not show up while using dig or MX Toolbox.

The Cloudflare diagnostic-center tells me, that my domain has the following issues:

  • The hostname has no DS records.
  • The website mix encrypted and non-encrypted content

How could this all be fixed? I didn’t find the answer while searching for it.

BTW: I am using the wordpress plugin by Cloudflare.

Thank you!

www is a CNAME record. As or the TXT records, you’d need to say how you configured them. Post a screenshot.

You’d need to enable DNSSEC on your registrar’s side and enter the values Cloudflare provided. Alternatively disable DNSSEC on Cloudflare’s side.

Though right now I can’t find any mixed content on your site.

One other thing, your site is currently not proxied. That is not an issue per se, but you are currently using Cloudflare only for DNS, just so that you are aware.

Please have a look at the screenshot.

I added DNSSEC on my registrar’s side. Thank you.

I will activate proxy again, right after debugging. Thank you!

The TXT records do not seem to be properly set up. They should be presumably on the naked domain and the current name should be part of the value. I’d suggest you double check the instructions and make sure everything is set up as suggested there.

The CNAME should be working though.

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