DiG does not return my domain's DNS records

Hi there.
I am uploaded my DNS zone to Cloudflare, but before switching the name servers I wanted to check whether Cloudflare DNS servers return proper values.
I tried using dig utility, but no luck, I try to retrieve my DNS values and it returns nothing.

Igors-MacBook-Pro:~ igorpudovkin$ dig automotive.x-shops.com @kami.ns.cloudflare.com +short
Igors-MacBook-Pro:~ igorpudovkin$

I am hesitant to switch to Cloudflare because of that.
What do I do?

Kami isnt the nameserver currently assigned to your domain, but Jule and Lakas.

Your domain seems to resolve fine

$ dig @jule.ns.cloudflare.com x-shops.com A

;x-shops.com.			IN	A

x-shops.com.		600	IN	A
x-shops.com.		600	IN	A

Though it doesnt know about the automotive record. Are you sure that is configured properly? Did you import a file. It might be that there are currently issues with the import.

Thank you for your reply.
My current DNS provider is SoftLayer. I checked that by using the following command

nslookup -q=ns x-shops.com

However, my Cloudflare account says that I should switch name servers to

Attached is a screenshot

So, where did you get the info about jule?
I have no records of it whatsoever.

That would suggest your domain is active on another Cloudflare account and the settings from your new account will only take effect, once it has verified, for which you need to change the nameservers.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion.
I will check whether it is added on another CloudFlare account.

Okay I switched the name servers, but for some reason several hours later I still see someone else’s name servers. No idea what is going on, I set my own NS (sean & kami) in my domain registrar, but nslookup check tells me it is lakas & jule.
I am pulling my hair now, because a lot of services went down and I have no idea why nslookup shows someone else’s NS.

That will be propagation. Just wait a day or so.

Alright, thanks a lot for your help.

Is there a way to make Cloudflare delete my domain from other people’s account?
I can prove ownership documentally if necessary.

The domain will automatically drop sooner or later when it has successfully been added to your account.

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