Diffrence between "AND" & "OR" in Firewall Rules

Hello every one.

I wanted to create a Firewall rule where I allow only few countries to access my domain.
(ip.geoip.country ne “CZ” and ip.geoip.country ne “FI” and ip.geoip.country ne “FR”)
I selected “AND” instead of “OR”

can someone tell me if that’s the correct approach.

It depends on which action. You didn’t specify if this is for a Block, Challenge, Allow, or Bypass.

@sdayman thank you for your quick reply
its for block action,
If the country doesn’t equal “CZ” “FI” “FR” then Block,

Then AND is correct. If it meets ALL of the requirements, then it will be blocked.

OR would mean that if it met ANY of the requirements, it would be blocked, which would be bad.

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Thank you for your help
have a nice day ahead

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