Difficulty with Hosting on NameCheap

I’m having a really tough issue. I just transferred my domain milanaslandscapes.com to Cloudflare and am trying to use namecheap.com hosting. Problem is, I don’t know how to add their dns settings to Cloudflare, and is there a cost to do so? If so, is there a hosting that works with Cloudflare? It would be easier to transfer the domain back over to namecheap, but I’m being told there is a 60 day wait. I just want to get this site up, I can’t wait 60 days, any help will be greatly appreciated.

In your namecheap account, there should be a DNS section, the records that you need to add to Cloudflare are likely to be in there. If not, contact their support and ask what records you need to add. You will need to add at lease a record for @ and www, probably A records pointing to the IP address that they specify.

So I simply add the namecheap dns info to Cloudflare as a www and A record, and delete the existing www, A records?

I hope it’s that simple, thank you!

Yes, just copy the DNS records from namecheap over to Cloudflare :slightly_smiling_face:

The only difference is that your @ and www records for the site should probably be set to :orange:, however records for mail, FTP etc. Should be set to :grey: [this can expose the origin IP of your server though, if you want more info on this, just post back!]

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