Difficulty logging in & "I'm not a robot"

Just created an account. I wanted to be able to login to the community to ask questions.

However, Every time I try to login, I have problems:

  1. It doesn’t take me to the community. I get a page that says “You have no websites” & offers me a chance to add a website. That’s not what I want.
  2. When I go to Support/Community, I’m no longer logged on.
  3. When I finally get to a page where I put in my email address & password, I have to go through the “I’m not a robot” images every single time.

How can I just login to the community directly, and without going through those images every single time?

Thank you in advance,

Are you logging in often?

Thank you for your reply. Not sure I will be. Since I just set up an account & I have Roboform, which automatically will fill out email & password & login, I’m trying to set it up. But I’m not sure how I can get directly to a login page for the community, not Cloudflare in general

Try disabling “roboform”

Not an option. Roboform goes to a website, enters the username & password, & presses the “submit” button. I’ve used it for over a hundred websites & for decades. It simply automates the process. Trying to login manually causes the same problems, but it takes longer.