Difficulty installing SSL Certificate on Apache for Debian


I am a complete noob at web hosting, but I’m trying to host my own website. I wanted to install an origin certificate on it, as it seems more secure and port 80 is taken up by my TV service for some reason, so i had to manually type in the port number of my choosing (I was hoping that 443 wasn’t taken, but it was as well, so I’m now using 2053). It’s running on a device using Debian. I tried following the guide for apache2 on Managing Cloudflare Origin CA certificates – Cloudflare Help Center but to no avail, as the page no longer exists. I found another guide, but when I looked inside of the file that it told to edit, I didn’t see what was supposedly there that I needed to change. This guide was two years old, and I only downloaded apache around 20 days ago, so maybe there is a version difference, but I doubt it. I can no longer view my website since using Cloudflare’s nameservers (all I get is error 525,) and so I’d really appreciate any help I can get.


Hi there,

Thank you very much for your reply and I am sorry for the broken link, I will raise this with our team.

Regarding installing SSL on your Apache Server, it is typically helpful to ensure that you have the SSL module installed. This can be checked by running the following command on your origin:

sudo a2enmod ssl

If the SSL module is enabled you should see the message reply "Module ssl already enabled"; if possible, may I have you please confirm that this is enabled?

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No, it was not enabled, but i’ve now enabled it. From this point, will that change the original apache2.conf file to include the fields needed according to the guide i found, or is there a different file that needs to be edited instead?

Hello, maybe these updated guides can help you, choose the most convenient one, thank you.


Do not forget to review the basic steps of the configuration, in this guide


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