Difficulty configuring MX and TXT

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I’m having a problem and I can’t solve it, if someone can help me, I appreciate it.

I bought a domain and registered it here on Cloudflare.
With this domain I bought a professional email on Google Workspace, however I have other emails linked to this domain (they are on this page: webmail.fernandapossa.com.br), but I am not able to configure the MX and TXT from webmail.fernandapossa.com.br here on Cloudfare, with that these emails are down.

Attached is the message that appears when I try to access the webmail.fernandapossa.com.br page

I would like to air them again.
How can I do this?


Difficulty configuring MX and TXT

For the “webmail” subdomain, you are missing an “A” or “CNAME” record. It should point to the IP address (A) or host name (CNAME) of the server hosting the webmail interface. If you don’t have this IP address or host, you might be able to find it in the old DNS configuration over at your previous DNS provider, or you can ask your email provider for the correct value.

I noticed that you mention both Google and “other emails linked to this domain”. Can you perhaps elaborate on what you are trying to accomplish? Your root domain currently have MX records pointing to Google, so right now [email protected] will end up there. If the “webmail” subdomain is pointed to some other email provider (for access to that email through the browser), you will not be able to receive emails for the domain there based on what your configuration looks like right now.

Hello svanlund.
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First of all, thank you so much for your help.

I would like to know how do I enable routing to Google workspace?

It is possible?

Rafael Lima de Almeda.

The MX records shown in the screenshot are already present in your DNS configuration (for the root domain) so emails should end up at Google. What do you believe is missing?

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