Difficulty Accessing WordPress Admin Panel with Cloudflare HTTPS


I’m encountering an issue with accessing the WordPress Admin panel on my website, which is using Cloudflare for HTTPS with the current mode set to Full. Despite having the “Secure website” icon, I’m receiving a 403 error when trying to access the Admin panel.

I’ve already attempted some troubleshooting steps, including disabling certain plugins and checking server configurations. However, the issue persists.

Could you please advise if this problem could be related to Cloudflare IP addresses, and if so, what steps I can take to resolve it?

Thank you for your assistance.

I am using “All in one wp security and firewall” plugin in my WordPress website.
in this plugin, I don’t know what to do about “allowlist” when login.
I added my static IP in the " Brute force > Login whilte list in this plugin.
But, I cannot login to my Admin panel.
If I use “WAF” in Cloudflare, can I disable Brute force > Login whilte list in this plugin?

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Are you still working to resolve this?

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