Difficulty accessing nested TOML values in Wrangler local dev?

Hey everyone,

I’m new to Wrangler and CF Functions and am playing with things locally. I need to adapt an Express app to work with Itty Router/Functions. As part of that, and as I understand it, it seems I need to ingest my custom config file into the wrangler.toml file.

Here’s my (dummy) JSON:

  "zero": "etc",
  "one": {
    "two": {
      "three": "four"

A JSON-to-TOML convertor gave me:

zero = "etc"

three = "four"

I put that into my wrangler.toml right under the [vars] section heading and start the server, which it tells me:

Your worker has access to the following bindings:
- Vars:
  - zero: "etc"

Why aren’t my nested values coming through?

Thank you in advance.