Differing iP addresses

I just switched DNS to Cloudflare. I put in the correct IP address, yet now they are beginning to propagate a different one when I check https://www.whatsmydns.net/?utm_source=whatsmydns.com&utm_medium=redirect#A/funnelmediagroupllc.com
Godaddy had, that’s what I have in Cloudflare DNS, yet it is propagating as two others: and - I’m feeling a little ignorant right now. Is that the whole point of Cloudflare - to mask it a bit and duplicate it? Thank you for your patience and help.

Here we go

Yes, more or less. Cloudflare is a proxy service which is placed inbetween your visitors and your server.

Thank you. Godaddy tried to talk me out of using CF CDN and SSL saying that Google isn’t respecting them coming from “those types of sources”. I have a paid SSL through CF, I think I’m good! You are terrific. Thank you for the helpful, quick answer.

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Godaddy is losing business left and right to Cloudflare, at least now with Registrar :smiley: makes sense they would try to talk you out of it.

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Apart from me not really understanding what they were trying to say with that sentence :astonished: it seems to be mostly FUD in an attempt to keep their customers with them.

My general advice in regard to Godaddy is not to use their services. But I admit I might be biased as I do have a strong dislike for that particular company.

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