Different video player + controls on iphone iOS than website Chrome Desktop

The video player is different on Chrome Windows than iOS.

How can we force the stream player (with the quality and speed controls) on all iOS devices and browsers? I want to stop the default iOS video player taking control.

Thank you!

Hey @rankme! This is a known issue and we’re working to resolve it!

Has there been any progress on this?
We see a similar issue between Chrome on Linux and Windows, and even between Safari and Chrome on Mac OS in some cases.

Our customer provides high resolution video tutorials. It is essential that the videos can be played in the full resolution. The player automatically selecting a lower resolution without a way for the user to override this is not acceptable for them.

Was there just an update to the player? I can’t see to get the resolution selection on any of my videos anymore. It’s a bit frustrating.

We recently rolled out Stream (with the Stream player embeds) and some rough testing indicates about 1 in 5 people are being shown their Browser’s native HTML5 player, rather than the Stream player. Mix of platforms and browsers, no commonalities I can find. It makes it difficult to give old folks instructions on using the player, and it’s exposing some features in Chrome and iOS that we’d prefer were suppressed, like Casting and Picture-in-Picture. Worryingly, some people’s players are exposing a Download button, though it is greyed out and doesn’t appear to work.

@renan is there any word on what the known issue is, or when it may be resolved?

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@renan : Any update on this? We have users of our platform still reporting that they can’t see the quality selector.


Sorry for the potato quality JPEG, but zoom in and you can see the “gear”-icon is missing.

Just wanted to post an update on this: we’re still working on bringing a user interface that is consistent with the desktop experience to mobile devices and touch-enabled laptops.

We’ll post on this site (and thread) when it’s ready to test before we roll out.

Thanks for your response Renan. Will this fix consistency issues for desktop users as well, or only for mobile browsers?

Yes, we’re working towards a user interface that is consistent across devices and with the same features supported across desktop and mobile browsers.

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Thanks @renan!

No problem! For the curious, super early version of this is up at CFTV but we’re not ready feedback yet.


It’s sometimes difficult to keep our opinions to ourselves. :zipper_mouth_face:

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Hello, is there a way someone could request an alpha version of the iframe player that would show controls on ios?