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Hello, I am facing the following problem. I have been using the service for many years, but this is the first time. Without www, the site shows mine, but if I open a site with www, it opens another (not my site). A records are correct. In support of the registrar, they said everything is ok and you need to contact the Cloudflare support

Hello there,

Would you check the redirect rule if you’ve set one in the page rules?

That’s the thing, I didn’t set any rules. Clean Cloudflare acc with A records.

May I ask if you’ve used some 3rd-party service provider, or maybe Shopify, WPEngine, eZoic in the meantime? :thinking:

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No, I’m just using ordinary shearing hosting with Cpanel + Cloudflare

@user35614 What’s the site?

carpinteriachamber org

Since both sites are Chamber of Commerce websites, my strongest hunch is that you both use the same hosting provider and there is a misconfiguration on their system.

I changed the hosting twice, but the problem did’t disappear. Try to transfer site to another hosting and write the result

@user35614 I see that difference. I noticed you are using jquery migrate in the www version site. There could be a bug too. The latest version of that is: 4.x. Here it is:

It looks to me that’s adding unnecessary issue here. Recommended to check & remove. You can debug it.

Site with www is not mine and I don’t have access to it
This is the problem, www opens a completely different site, not mine.

Assuming that there was a common host in play at one point, it could be possible that the hosting service used Cloudflare for SaaS and did not remove the www name from their account.

If that is the is the case there is a community developed tool that can fix it, but first you may want to verify that is the problem. Are you using a CNAME or an A record for your www hostname?

If you are using an A record for the www hostname, you can test by setting the :orange: to :grey:.

If you are using a CNAME, you would need to remove the CNAME and replace it with an A record that uses the same IP as your apex name (carpinteriachamber.org). Then you can make the same test by switching :orange: to :grey:.

If www loads your site when set to :grey: and not :orange: that suggests the problem is with a stale Cloudflare for SaaS configuration. That problem can be solved using the Liberate The Hostname tool mentioned in this #tutorial.


with the proxy turned off, the site with www opens in the same way. With the same problem

Unless you have turned it back on already, the www alias is still using the :orange: proxy.

Were you on WP Engine at some point? There are headers present when requesting the www name that reference WP Engine. WP Engine use their own Cloudflare integration. Your www name is probably still active in the WP Engine account and being directed to the wrong site because of that.

* SSL connection using TLSv1.3 / TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384
* ALPN, server accepted to use h2
* Server certificate:
*  subject: C=US; ST=California; L=San Francisco; O=Cloudflare, Inc.; CN=www.carpinteriachamber.org
*  start date: Mar  5 00:00:00 2022 GMT
*  expire date: Mar  5 23:59:59 2023 GMT
*  subjectAltName: host "www.carpinteriachamber.org" matched cert's "www.carpinteriachamber.org"
*  issuer: C=US; O=Cloudflare, Inc.; CN=Cloudflare Inc ECC CA-3
*  SSL certificate verify ok.
* Using HTTP2, server supports multiplexing
* Connection state changed (HTTP/2 confirmed)
* Copying HTTP/2 data in stream buffer to connection buffer after upgrade: len=0
} [5 bytes data]
* Using Stream ID: 1 (easy handle 0x557b51f4bea0)
} [5 bytes data]
> GET / HTTP/2
> Host: www.carpinteriachamber.org
> user-agent: curl/7.79.1
> accept: */*
{ [5 bytes data]
* TLSv1.3 (IN), TLS handshake, Newsession Ticket (4):
{ [230 bytes data]
* TLSv1.3 (IN), TLS handshake, Newsession Ticket (4):
{ [230 bytes data]
* old SSL session ID is stale, removing
{ [5 bytes data]
* Connection state changed (MAX_CONCURRENT_STREAMS == 256)!
} [5 bytes data]
< HTTP/2 200 
< date: Wed, 28 Sep 2022 17:54:59 GMT
< content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
< vary: Accept-Encoding
< vary: Accept-Encoding
< vary: Accept-Encoding,Cookie
< link: <https://sbscchamber.com/wp-json/>; rel="https://api.w.org/"
< link: <https://sbscchamber.com/wp-json/wp/v2/pages/20>; rel="alternate"; type="application/json"
< link: <https://sbscchamber.com/>; rel=shortlink
< x-powered-by: WP Engine
< x-cacheable: SHORT
< cache-control: max-age=600, must-revalidate
< x-cache: HIT: 4
< x-cache-group: normal
< cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC

My site is entirely in html. I don’t use WP (version without www)
site on WP opens not mine(version with www)

@epic.network @neiljay
New information about the problem. I contacted the hosting support. Support asked to change NS from their host. After that the problem is GONE. When I returned NS from Cloudflare the problem RETURNED.

This detail does not refute my theory that this is a Cloudflare for SaaS issue related to WP Engine. Have you used the Liberate The Hostname tool on your www hostname yet?


this helped fix the problem, thanks!

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