Different Tunnels on one machine

I recently upgraded my Cloudflared software and am now running version 2023.1.0 (built 2023-01-16-0851 UTC). I was previously using an older version and was prompted to upgrade when I logged into Zero Trust. I am having trouble figuring out how to operate two tunnels simultaneously with the new version. I have looked for documentation on the subject, but have been unable to find any helpful information. Additionally, when I attempted to set up a second tunnel, I encountered an error message. Can anyone assist me with this issue and guide me on how to properly run two tunnels with this version of Cloudflared?

There is a way to run multiple different services for different hostnames on different ports, using only one cloudflared tunnel. We hust have to define them into the config.yml file. Therefore make sure to create add the cloudflared route dns for each of the hostnames and we just run the the tunnel.