Different SRV record based off users location

I am running some gaming servers and to connect from around the world I have proxies set up. Is there anyway I can make the same SRV record resolve to a different hostname depending on where the person is located?

I don’t think there is through Cloudflare—at least, not without Enterprise. There were some new load balancing features added recently with which I’m not yet familiar, though, so don’t quote me on that.

Shmaybe? Assuming your target in the SRV record is game.example.com you can create a DNS record for game.example.com and use geo-steering to specify the hosts/IP addresses based on the geo-steering region the visitor is in.

So for the game LB record
Western US:
Pool 1
Pool 2 (optional failover)

Eastern US
Pool 2

Users hitting a POP in the Western US would get the pool 1 IPs, Eastern US the IPs from pool 2. Everywhere else whatever the first pool in the default order of your pool names is (for a healthy pool).

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