Different results (unique visitors)


This night i start using CloudFlare Web Analytics. And i see there HOSTS for last 6 hours. For example – 500.

When i open analytics in main control panel CF, i see there unique visitors (for last 6 hours) – 3000.

Why is there such a big difference?

There are few differences between these two:

  1. The main analytics page for websites that are already on Cloudflare - captures all traffic, including devices that do not run JavaScript, bots, crawlers, and more. Because all your traffic is being routed to Cloudflare, hence Cloudflare is able to capture all these traffic.
  2. The new Cloudflare Web Analytics depends on the JavaScript snippet inserted into each HTML page in your website. Therefore, analytics data will only sent by the browser to Cloudflare if they run JavaScript. If the device browser blocks JavaScript from running, then analytics data will not be sent. This also includes automated traffic like bots and crawlers - they usually don’t execute JavaScript.
    This Cloudflare Web Analytics is similar to Google Analytics - they rely on the JavaScript snippet.