Different registrar and different Host with Cloudflare

Guys, I’m pretty sure this has been discussed before. IF so, please point me to it because i can’t find it with Search.

So I have a domain on Namesilo, and Host on Hostgator. What steps do I need to do to use Cloudflare?

Do I use Cloudflare’s Nameserver on both Hostgator and Namesilo?

Exclusively Cloudflare’s.

Cloudflare is not a registrar (well, technically they are but they dont offer the service yet) but offers a DNS and proxy service.

You sign up for a Cloudflare account, change the nameservers over to what Cloudflare provided to you and manage everything DNS related from that point onwards on Cloudflare.

https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/categories/200275218 should get you started.

So that’s a yes? Edit Hostgator and Namesilo to the same Cloud’s Nameserver?

Not Hostgator, only Namesilo.

Okay, So how it works is you got to the domain which is under Cloud’s ID but you’re actually being forwarded to Hostgator behind the scene. Is that right?

But how does it know to go to Hostgator in the first place? sorry a bit confused

Not exactly, your domain is still with you and your registrar. You do point the nameservers to Cloudflare though and hence they have control over the DNS records, thats also why you configure them at Cloudflare from that point on.

As for the forwarding bit, that only applies if you use Cloudflare’s proxy service, for which your web related host records need to be marked as :orange: (if they are :grey: they will still go straight to your server).

Check out the link I posted earlier.

Thanks Sandro. Finally figured it out :slight_smile: Also, how accurate is Cloudflare’s DNS traffic report? I just registered a new domain and it seems i’m getting traffic already?

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