Different prices on different browsers

Hey guys, some weird stuff going on.

Prices in Woocommerce were updated couple days ago and now different browsers show different versions.

Brave and Cliqz show updated prices in any circumstance.
Chrome, Firefox, Opera show old prices but these browsers change to updated prices after I clear cache AND enable VPN.

So what’s going on?

Thank you.

So it’s either because you cleared your browser’s cache, or because you used a VPN. My bet is on the browser cache. Since you haven’t shared details, such as a URL and what you’re expecting to see, that’s all we can suggest.


Here’s the website https://bohesse.com.
I did flush the cache in all browsers, first thing I did. I’m not sure whether there’s any other, unconventional way of doing that?

Now Cliqz is showing old prices as well. Brave browser is the only one showing updated ones.

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