Different page size on different server according to GTmetrix

I checked my website on GTmetrix, surprisingly I am getting different website size on a different server.

I found that my website page size is 250kb with 0.9 sec speed in USA server and around 450kb page size with the 1.9-sec speed in Indian server. I like to increase my performance and decrease page size in Indian server too, since cloudfare increases performance, will I be able to increase my performance in Indian server?

Does it happen all the time? Since I just created my website and I don’t know much about it. It will be helpful if anybody can give me insight on this topic.

If you posted links to those GTMetrix tests, that would help. I’d normally check the Waterfall view and compare what’s loading.

I just checked waterfall view, it looks complicated. how do you use it?
do you want me to send you link here?
here are the result,
USA server result - https://gtmetrix.com/reports/aikubus.com/cvM0LHcN
Indian server Result - https://gtmetrix.com/reports/aikubus.com/hsk56XnA

For whatever reason, there are more, and different requests for Mumbai. Mumbai loads some Google fonts, so maybe your site has some localization features. There are also a couple of “dec73.page.include” CSS and JS files in Mumbai.

Had you compared these two locations before you put your site on Cloudflare?

I far as i remember i never compared those location, i heard that cloudflare provides security and increases website speed so i linked my website with cloudflare.

If my website has some localization feature, then i rather stop that feature. it’s decreasing my website speed plus its increasing useless page size.

I dont know what to do now. i bought my website from bluehost.in

thank you for telling me about google fonts and de73.page.include. it is helpful . i’ll try to remove those.

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