Different NS after create a new account

@cloonan I have still problem I changed to abby.ns.cloudflare.com and stan.ns.cloudflare.com.

You need to use stan and abby at this point. These are the nameservers which are currently announced by Cloudflare.

nslookup -type=ns braindump.website stan.ns.cloudflare.com
Server:  UnKnown

braindump.website       nameserver = abby.ns.cloudflare.com
braindump.website       nameserver = stan.ns.cloudflare.com

I have a few domains for my, this domain is good but other not. Below my command:
nslookup -type=ns censored domain stan.ns.
Server: stan.ns.cloudflare.com

censored domain nameserver = bella.ns.cloudflare.com.
censored domain nameserver = toby.ns.cloudflare.com.

please don’t write my domains here :slight_smile:

Well, if you want help you need to provide the domain.

You are now talking about a completely different issue. What’s that other domain? It will be probably the same problem as before.

If you do not want to provide your domain name, I can edit my posting, however in that case we need to close this thread and you need to talk to support only.

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In my request: #1940392 I write my second domain, I don’t understand why somebody closed my request if there is still a problem. How can I reopen my request? It is still same problem. Can I direct message to you, if yes I can write my second domain.

What’s the domain?

Sandro, my second domain is on my profil in section “Web Site”. Please check the domain, but don’t write my domain details here.

All right. Yes, that domain is active on Cloudflare but does not have the other nameservers but toby and bella.

Can you post a screenshot where it shows these other nameservers?

exactly what should I do to change to: abby.ns.cloudflare.com and stan.ns.cloudflare.com? Reopen request?

Why would you want to use these other nameservers?

In that case the domain is already active on another account and you should use either that other account or you need to follow Can't set nameservers - (Inconsistent Set of NS / Nameserver not authoritative).

I opened next ticket: 1941775 (previous ticket: 1940392)

Support can take a while again. I’d rather either use the other account or remove it from there as well, as you wouldn’t need support here.

@sandro I need help because my last request has been closed, without solution, but I still have problem. I want escalate my problem, how long I can wait? I will close then my problem be solved.

Ehm, your original ticket was about something else.

But that’s the point, you don’t need support here. Just follow what was mentioned.
If you insist on support being involved you will need to wait a few days at least.

No. I have the same problem from 12 days. No matter, I am waiting for solve.

No, what? I am not sure what you are saying and you do not seem to address any responses any more.

Please address what was said earlier, otherwise we need to close this thread and you need to discuss it with support.

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@7hgafccc4t8, please stop with the additional tickets, they are not helping and simply confusing the issue. 1941775 was merged into the ticket mentioned above.

Please keep the discussion with Support only in 1931674. Multiple tickets just slows down the process for you and everyone else.

Next, for each domain for which you are having issues, communicate the details described here using the email address/account associated with that domain, https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200172476#h_7b55d494-b84d-439b-8e60-e291a9fd3d16 with Support? If you contact them from one account about a domain in a different account, the issue will be closed automatically by the system.

You can use this as a template for the details they need for each domain:

Problem description:
Timestamp (UTC):
Problem frequency: always, intermittent, not reproducible
Steps to reproduce problem : (If the issue occurs behind a login page, also provide temporary test credentials)
Actual results:
Expected results:
Additional info:

  • Site URLs that demonstrate the issue
  • Specific error messages observed
  • A screenshot of the errors
  • Relevant logs from your origin web server
  • A HAR file captured while demonstrating the issue

Again, the most recent duplicate tickets were…