Different Nameservers

I want to use different Cloudflare name server every time i add a website.
How to do that PLZ?

Nameservers generally are domain-specific, but still typically get the same nameservers assigned in the same account. You’d need different accounts, if you want to semi-guarantee that, but you could still get the same nameservers.

Thanks for your reply
but in some PBN hosting companies you see different Cloudflare nameservers when you add every new domain.
so, how do they do that?

I don’t know what a PBN hosting company is, but the rules I just mentioned apply.

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To paraphrase, you need to use the nameservers you get, but you can use a separate account.

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PBN is standing for Private Blog Network That needs a different IP and a different nameserver for every blog or website.

All right, not sure why you’d need a different nameserver, but in that case you’ll need a separate account but still won’t have a guarantee - as I wrote before.

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Still need to use different assigned Cloudflare nameservers for every domain such as:
first domain:
dina ns Cloudflare com
sam ns Cloudflare com
second domain:
john ns Cloudflare com
regarl ns Cloudflare com
Is that available in Pro Plan ?

It has nothing to do with the plan level, it is exactly as already mentioned a couple of times.

I am so sorry for posting that more times but as I mentioned also I found that available when creating accounts on this site: “pbn . ltd” so I need to do that on my Cloudflare account.
I understood your solutions and comments but still need to understand How the website I mentioned does that?

You need to ask that website that, they probably use exactly the approach I mentioned earlier.

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