Different Nameserver - using "Jerry & Lina" instead of "Bella & Darl" after ERROR message?


In short: I would like to use cloudflares CDN for unaufschiebbar.de. Cloudflare shows me the nameserver “Bella & Darl” for using. But from DENIC I got an error message. Please see attached picture.

But when I am using the nameserver “Jerry & Lina” everything looks good (no error message - instead I got a success - please see attached picture).

So my question:
Can I use the nameserver “Jerry & Lina” instead of “Bella & Darl”?

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Hi @unaufschiebbar,

This looks like:

Thank you very much. One more question regarding option 2:

When I ask my hoster, to take “Jerry & Lina” instead of “Bella & Darl” it should be working?

If you set different Cloudflare nameservers, the domain will not validate in your account and it is a potential security issue unless you control another account that asks for those nameservers. You should only give the nameservers listed in your account.


I am unaufschiebbar (have created a second account). And I have opened a ticket to cloudfare (#1866530) but I got no answer. They sent us a TXT record and we have entered cloudflares TXT record for unaufschiebbar.de at the authoritative DNS:

Record Type: TXT Name: cloudflare-verify.andrealmenara. com.br Content: 3lod94hd672sh0ge8fjr43XXXX

But since one week the current zones (daisy.ns.cloudflare. com and kanye.ns.cloudflare. com) weren´t changed to jerry.ns.cloudflare. com & lina.ns.cloudflare. com

What can I do?

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Is the andrealmenara.com.br domain mentioned yours as well?

I suspect the record you should have added should have had the name cloudflare-verify.unaufschiebbar.de with the same content you pasted. That may be an issue on support’s side…

Did you reply to the ticket once you had added the record?

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I replied several times but got no answer.

I got exactly this txt record (without xxxx) from clodflares side:

Record Type: TXT Name: cloudflare-verify.andrealmenara.com.br Content: 3lod94hd672sh0ge8fjr43XXXX

Ok, it make sense. Now I looks like this:

I will reply one more time if you think the DNS entry looks now better.

Best regards

Hi @accounts68, the domain is pending in your account awaiting a nameserver change at your domain registrar to daisy & kanye.

The domain is deleted from @unaufschiebbar account where it was awaiting a nameserver change to bella & dara.

And, it looks like the domain was attempted to be set on a partial setup via a partner. In that case for partial setups, no nameserver change should be done. Was that also you attempting to add through a partner?

I assume these actions are all done by the same user in different accounts. Notes that for eu domains, there are restrictions that @domjh mentioned.

And, as mentioned in this thread, please don’t use nameservers before +Add domain to cloudflare and only use the nameservers assigned for your account. Where did you get the nameservers you mentioned on the support ticket, I don’t see those assigned at all for this domain.

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Hi @cloonan and @domjh ,

thanks for your reply. After checking the domain unaufschiebbar.de with nameservers (daisy.ns.cloudflare.com and kanye.ns.cloudflare.com) with DENIC (German registrar for .de domains)
I get the following negative result (that did not prompt my host to make the changes with Kanye and Daisy):

And within the failure report I got the different nameservers jerry.ns.cloudflare.co and lina.ns.cloudflare.com (please see the picture above).

When I am using this new nameservers (jerry and lina), the result is a success. Please try by yourself if you like.

My Hoster (All Inkl) pointed out the error message and also pointed out the success report. They asked me if they should take jerry.ns.cloudflare.co and lina.ns.cloudflare.com for making the nameserver change.

I think the problem is because I first set cloudflare for a different domain on the same server (clicks.fm) within the same cloudflare account. And this domain is working with Daisy and Kanye.

So I am asking the cloudflare support to change the nameservers to Jerry and Lina for the new domain unaufschiebbar.de. And now I can´t move forward because you told me not to use different nameservers when they are not assigned to my account.

The easiest way to solve the problem for me would be to get the nameservers Jerry and Lina in my cloudflare (accounts68) account for the domain unaufschiebbar.de.

And because I tried everything possible to solve the problem I opened a second account (unaufschiebbar) only to exclude that its an account-problem. But I deleted the domain from the second account and I only want to use my main-account accounts68 with all my domains.

Maybe you have an advice to use the CDN also for unaufschiebbar.de in the account accounts68.

Best regards

Here you find the success message from https://www.denic.de/en/service/tools/nast/ for the namservers jerry.ns.cloudflare.co and lina.ns.cloudflare:

This is not a solution and support can’t do this, that would be a security issue (as a different account probably has those nameservers). What they need to do is purge that domain from the old (Jerry and Lina) account so you can use the new correct nameservers on your account (Daisy and Kanye).

The alternative is option 2 in the tutorial which is to contact your registrar and ask them to forcibly set the nameservers to the ones on your account (Daisy and Kanye). Can't set nameservers - (Inconsistent Set of NS / Nameserver not authoritative).

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Starting to make a little sense, thank you for the detail. I’ll keep following the ticket, but like @domjh said, support cannot assign nameservers outside of those assigned in your account. I don’t know why jerry & lina are working, I don’t show any history of those nameservers associated with that domain. Not sure there is anything for support to purge (although they could purge the domain from the other two accounts where it is deleted).

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