Different latency in game and cmd with WARP

I use #WARP few months and it was fine. It decreased my ping in game (CS 1.6) from 70 to 40 ms. Last week my ping on same servers increased to 65, but when i do ping command from cmd it show old 40 ms. Even in WinMTR it show 40 ms and old WARP route, so it should be fine, but no. For unknown reasons ping increased.

This is due to the different IP addresses allocated by WARP from block 104.28.*.

These 2 addresses are located in the center collocation in Germany (Frankfurt)
The trace originates from the address 8.42.51.* (in my case, which is located at the traffic exchange points (DTEL-IX, GIGANET, UA-IX)

When IP was allocated from block 8.42.51.* - there were no problems.
Whether this is a bug or not, I don’t know.

most likely, these 2 addresses ( and are using the anycast protocol, and, possibly, an error occurs because of this.

makes sense. on fastcup servers same problem. only exitlag can help now, but with it i can get only 50 ms. pretty sad.

I am 100% sure that the IP addresses from block 104.28.. are in Frankfurt, so the problem will not be solved until WARP starts allocating IP from block 8.42.51.*

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