Different IP for each domain in Cloudflare

I have multiple websites and wanted to know if it is possible to hook multiple websites under one Cloudflare account and have each website have a different IP?

If it is possible to get a different IP for each domain hooked up to Cloudflare then what kind of subscription do I need to buy?

I am afraid it’s not possible.
They do change on the nslookup from time to time automatically.
If you’re using the security features and options available to you, you’re safe to go :wink:

Helpful articles:

I understand that there is no possibility that each domain connected to the Cloudflare panel simply has different DNS entries?
In case you set up two other accounts then usually each domain has different DNS entries.

You can subscribe to an enterprise account and it’s an additional $5k per month per unique IP you need on top of the base plan.

If you want unique nameservers you can set up vanity nameservers by upgrading each domain to business.

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