Different IP addresses


I am wondering if it is possible to use Cloudflare and have a subdomain on a separate host than the main website is on. IE mainurl.com is on wpengine but want members.mainurl.com on a different host.


Yep! I do this for my development subdomain(s). Just add a new A record for your subdomain on the DNS tab and point it to the host.


Thanks Andy! I will check it out.


Yes. The more complicated version of that mainurl.com on wpengine and mainurl.com/members on another host (without changing the host name) requires using our ENT only resolve override feature in Page Rules.

But your can point your subdomains anywhere you like using DNS and Cloudflare proxies each (or not depending on the settings) to the host you’ve specified.


Problem: store.ratedsecure.com will not propagate or load. Do I have too many A records? Can you recommend a fix? I do not have cpanel access to vultr by design.

FYI: Please note your name servers before Cloudflare:


Your name servers on Cloudflare:


A records:

A mail points to [redacted by Cloudflare staff] Automatic

A ratedsecure.c__ points to [redacted by Cloudflare staff] Automatic

A store points to [redacted by Cloudflare staff] Automatic (Note: this is a 3rd party Store Building Host called FSI).

A www points to [redacted by Cloudflare staff] Automatic (Note: this is a 3rd party WordPress Vultr.com)

MX ratedsecure.c__ mail handled by mail.ratedsecure.c__ Automatic


The record has propagated, it’s just being proxied by Cloudfare currently. You can stop the proxying by changing to :orange: to :grey: next to the DNS entry for store in the DNS control panel. If it works when grey clouded, you might check with the provider of the ecommerce software if they support proxying through Cloudflare for security/ content acceleration.


Hi cscarff, It appears the site is now down. Would that be cause by
improper use of A records? Note: The ratedsecure.com site is hosted on
vultr and the store.ratedsecure.com is hosted at FSI. - Orin


I get the same page/ response whether I go direct to origin or through Cloudflare. So it’s either the wrong Ip or a configuration issue at the provider. Doesn’t appear to be related to Cloudflare specifically.