Different host IP for subdomain

Recently I have my “beta” subdomain not working and I would suspect that it points to a wrong IP.
The subdomain is beta.inviteme.ro and it points to, while the main domain (inviteme.ro) points to
The subdomain is just an A type of proxy to the same machine as the domain one.
See below the results of the “host” unix command:

> host beta.inviteme.ro
beta.inviteme.ro has address
beta.inviteme.ro has address
beta.inviteme.ro has address

> host inviteme.ro
inviteme.ro has address
inviteme.ro has address
inviteme.ro has address

Any idea why I have the IPs inversed for the subdomain? Anything I can do to change that and to avoid having the main host in the same situation?


The order of the Cloudflare IPs is not relevant. If you run the host commands several times in a row you will get different orders. You may even get three completely different IP addresses.

What error or issue did you have on beta.inviteme.ro?

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for the info!

There’s no particular error on beta.inviteme.ro, it’s an empty white page. And it looks like it doesn’t hit my host at all, nothing in the access logs. Not sure how to debug further since I don’t know where a request to that subdomain is going.

Ok, found the issue, my bad. It has nothing to do with Cloudflare.

Actually the subdomain pointed to a different vhost on my machine, that was was listening on 443. Fixed it by changing the vhosts configs and now everything points to the right place.

Sorry for the false alarm and thanks Michael for clearing the part with Cloudflare IPs, it helped me to focus on checking other parts.

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