Different domain using webserver IP

I was going through some website logs on my Wordpress site and it seems I get a lot of redirects from another website to mine. I did an nslookup on the website and it seems to be using the same IP address as mine. My question is, how do I go about getting this resolved?

That’s an interesting problem. I don’t know why someone would do that.

Do you mean the same origin host IP address, or the Cloudflare IP addresses?

I suspect you discovered the redirects due to your logs showing the referring link. Try a Firewall Rule like:

Yes that’s correct. Same origin IP. Super weird but I will try the firewall rule.

Thank you!

If it’s the same origin IP address, and you’re seeing this in your logs, it’s possible your host has misconfigured your server.

Some servers are misconfigured so someone’s site ends up as the “catch-all” (default) domain for requests for which the server doesn’t have a site configured. The “catch-all” domain is typically early in the alphabet, making it first on the list.

So if I create an “example.com” DNS record that points to your server’s IP address, but your server isn’t configured for example.com, those requests will hit the first site on the server, which in this case might be your site.

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