Different domain registrar and webhost? directadmin issue


I have a different registrar than my webhost. So, I added my domain name to the webhost via directadmin.

I added the website to Cloudflare, set up all the dns records. The only problem is that in directadmin, under dns management, it still lists the webhost’s nameservers. That’s not supposed to be like that, right? Or is it? I tried adding Cloudflare’s, but it won’t let me.

What’s the proper way of dealing with this?

You need to go to your Registrar account and set your name servers to the ones Cloudflare instructed you to use.

Oh, I guess I should’ve specified: I did that part.

But in directadmin, it still shows the webhost’s nameservers.

Oh…don’t worry about that. Once your registrar has the new Cloudflare name servers, your domain will completely ignore Webhost’s DNS.

So that’s like a normal thing that I can just ignore?

What about if I want to add more records, do I only add them on Cloudflare, or do I add them first on directadmin and then copy them to Cloudflare? i suppose the latter, no? because if i like make a subdomain, i have to do so in directadmin, and then it will automatically create records anyway

but i suppose if it’s only a redirect like blabla.domain.com i can just only do it in Cloudflare?

Whenever you add a subdomain, or do anything that needs DNS, you need to update DNS here at Cloudflare. Yes, it’s a bit of a manual process, but it’s usually something you rarely have to touch.

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