Differences Between [Always Use HTTPS] and [Automatic HTTPS Rewrites]

I think both of them serve the same purpose of securing the website. Although both of them serve the content of the website through HTTPS, when I check my website against some redirection checkers (Like this one: http://www.redirect-checker.org/index.php), only Always Use HTTPs will do the redirection [HTTP 301].

So what’s the difference between the two?



The “Always Use HTTPS” feature will redirect all http requests for your site to your https address.

The Auto Rewrites changes the links on your site to be HTTPS if Cloudflare knows the destination supports HTTPS.

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Thanks for you reply.

So “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” will only apply if your server support HTTPS and you will need to have a valid SSL cert. in order for this to work. While “Always Use HTTPS” will just do it anyway, which might cause problems if your server doesn’t support HTTPS. Is my interpretation correct about what you said?

If you have SSL enabled for your site (I hope you do), then turn them both on. That way, your site serves SSL, and all links on your site that can be served with SSL are served with SSL.

Yes, I have SSL enabled on my site and I have turn both of them on. In addition I also have the CF Origin Certificate installed with “Authenticated Origin Pulls” checked.

Thanks, I will mark your reply as the answer.