Difference in routes used between Vodafone Portugal and Cloudflare

Good evening,
Today I noticed a tracert I did on my computer that puzzled me a lot: my host brunoxing.highcloud.tk, when being accessed via IPv6, was being diverted to the LIX (London Internet Exchange) and was going to the nearest Cloudflare datacenter his. However, on the same network, if I access the host via IPv4, it will already go via GigaPix (Portuguese Internet Exchange), and proceed to the Lisbon data center. In addition to that communication via IPv6 does not exceed 1.5 ~ 2 MB / s, while in communication via IPv4, I have the maximum speed of my contract (4.3 MB / s), stable and without breaks.
I tried to speak with Vodafone Portugal, they forwarded it to the Technical Area, but without success.
I made a tracert with the VPN WARP for Google, and I verified that via IPv6, the tracert passed through GigaPix (means that Cloudflare has a presence in GigaPix).
I just ask that if Cloudflare could ask Vodafone Portugal to proceed with the exchange of IPv6 traffic via GigaPix, it would be great (because taking it at such a low speed is uncomfortable).
I leave below some tracerts that I did.

Tracert over IPv4, to the host

Tracert over IPv6, to the host

Tracert over IPv6, for Google, via WARP network

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