Difference in Name Servers

Hi, what is the difference using Cloudflare name Servers and Network Solutions?

Our Domain is with Network Solutions Registrar, think both are DNS Managed. Cloudflare seems to Query Server for Data/IP/Mail/Web but Netsol does not. Maybe in this case Netsol Name Servers would be fastest because it does not need to jump to Cloudflare.


If you want to use Cloudflare with your site, you’ll need to use Cloudflare’s name servers. They will take the place of your Netsol name servers, and most likely be faster. Just make sure that all your DNS records transfer over when you first set up your domain on Cloudflare. Add any that the scan doesn’t catch.

Thanks sdayman, think DNS resolution chain is Resolutive, DOT…Authoritative DNS, if your Registrar is Netsol then using Cloudflare Authoritative DNS is one more step in chain since Netsol is pointing to Mail/Web Servers, using Cloudflare means Netsol redirects to Cloudflare to Resolve.
Under these circumstances would Cloudflare Servers resolve faster than Netsol?

Is there any reason as to why Opening a Cloudflare Account for a Domain queries the Mail/Web Servers for IP and Netsol does not?

DNS is a phone book. Cloudflare’s just happens to be very fast. A Registrar tells the world where your phone book is. And your phone book needs all the entries, including mail and web server addresses.

It just so happens that your registrar is also your authoritative DNS. But if they tell the world to use Cloudflare DNS instead, it’ll be faster, and have all the information your current Netsol phonebook has…as long as you make sure Cloudflare has all the DNS records that Netsol has.

Cloudflare queries for IP to automate the population of Cloudflare DNS. It’s a one-time process. After that, you need to make sure it got everything, then you’ll no longer use Netsol DNS for your domain. But your domain registration will stay with Netsol.

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