Difference between workers?

In my Dashboard I have a Workers tab. I just added some JS for a firewall using my htaccess. But I also see a Workers link for serverless applications. What is the difference or are they the same and adhere to the free tier limits for both?

Also, is it $5/month for each worker per account or per domain?

I’m not sure about the first part of you question, you may need to clarify what you mean there.

In terms of the pricing, it’s $5/month for the use of workers which includes the first X number of requests (10 million maybe? I can’t remember the amount). This is per account, but includes all workers and all domains on that account. You then pay extra when you go over the included number of requests that invoke the worker.

Hi. Thanks for that bit of information. As to my first question this is what I’m talking about in the image.The first image shows the Workers tab in a web property. The bottom image shows Workers under your main account when you login showing all of your web properties. Just wondering if there was a difference between the two. Because the second image wants a domain or something. The Workers I used was the Workers tab in my web property.


You can run Worker on your domain or/and workers.dev, that is the reason why you see two icons.

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