Difference between setting in app vs in network settings

Hi, I’m a new user of the app and wondering if there’s any difference between setting manually in the device’s DNS config vs using the app.
I’m still on the Warp’s waiting list.

In my test, when I manually set the device’s DNS config to & disable the app toggle button, a message is shown in the app stating “Your network is using but is not secure”.
Meanwhile, when I enable the toggle button of the app, it is stating that “Your DNS queries are now private and faster.”

Is it right to say that by using as DNS alone is not yet secured?


In both cases you are using Cloudflare’s DNS servers, however in one you are using the standard, unencrypted UDP based DNS protocol, whereas if you use the application it will resolve everything via DoT, which is TCP and SSL based.

Hi Sandro, thanks for the reponse.

If that’s the case, the I think their statements here are quite misleading:

“ is a fast and private way to browse the internet.”

And https://developers.cloudflare.com/
“…Cloudflare decided that it was time to create a DNS resolver with your privacy and security in mind. What this means is that whenever you click on or type a web address in your internet browser your DNS lookup request will be sent over a secure channel to the Cloudflare Resolver…”


Well, “private” in the sense that Cloudflare is - presumably - not logging (too much) or tampering with the data. As long as you are using the standard protocol(s) it simply cant be encrypted. If that is important to you you have to use either DoT or DoH.

I see. Maybe the wording was just inconsistent. They used the word “private” in the documentation and in the app quite differently.

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