Difference Between Rules - When To Use What for Redirect?

I need to set up a rule to redirect all traffic/URLs with:

  1. HTTP to HTTPS.
  2. www to non-www. (for all subdomain levels).

There are:

  • Transform Rules (URL Rewrites)
  • Page Rules
  • Origin Rules
  • Configuration Rules
  • Redirect Rules

With respect to the task that I need to do, what is the order of rule types I should be considering to handle it?


  1. Regarding the “Always Redirect to HTTPS” option in the dashboard. Can I enable that and only set up a rule to deal with www, or should I set up a rule for both and disable the option? If I combine the two, would that form 2 redirects or will they be blended into 1?
  2. I want to do this for all domains on the account so is there a way to do it like that or do I need to define the same rule for each one?
  3. For those who know, can you please elaborate a little bit on the difference in rules, when to use what?