Difference between GraphQL and the new Analytics Dashboard


I’m currently working on using the the Anaalytics GraphQL API to save historical data of our site.
I’m using data from the httpRequestsAdaptiveGroups node.

To start I wanted to recreate the new Analytics Dashboard to see if I get the same results.
The dashboard seems to be using the same API because both show similar fields and both have a sample rate of 10%.

My query matches in relative numbers (peaks in the dashboard create peaks in my data) but not in total volume. For example, for the last 30 minutes the dashboard shows 32,78 k Requests, 5,93 k Page views and 3,48 k Visits and my query contains about 7200 entries. With a sample rate of 10% 7200 entries should be comparable to 72 k request (the count field in the query is 10 for 99.9% of entries), or am I wrong here?
So I get about 2x the request than the dashboard shows.

Does Cloudflare maybe apply some filters to the data that I’m not using?
Am I using the wrong API? (When I use the deprecated httpRequests1mGroups API I get the about the same number of request as the dashboard, but it’s deprecated and has no filters).

My Query looks likes this:

  viewer {
    zones(filter: {zoneTag: "XXX"})
        limit: 10000,
        filter: {
          datetime_gt: "2020-11-13T11:00:00+01:00",
          datetime_lt: "2020-11-13T11:30:00+01:00"
          dimensions {

I misread the documentation.

httpRequests1mGroups is not deprecated, httpRequests1mByColoGroups is.
I will use httpRequests1mGroups which gives me the results I want.

I forgot that httpRequests1mGroups has no filters so I can’t look at the data per subdomain, which does not help me.

Any one got any Idea why the httpRequestsAdaptiveGroups varies so much from httpRequests1mGroups?

I compared the two nodes for the same time and got this:

8798 Events ~ 87980 Requests?

39005 requests
5956 pageViews
2168 uniques