Difference Between Dashboard Message and Quick Start Guide

Hi, I just completed the process of redirecting my domain’s nameservers to Cloudflare. According to the information I found in the Community, if the domain shows active then it is good to go. However, when I went back to my Cloudflare account, the dashboard indicates that the domain is active but the Quick Start Guide is telling me that I have 2 of 4 steps to complete. I am confused if the domain is fully active or if I still need to complete two more steps. Should Cloudflare indicate basically the same information; i.e. if the domain is active then all the quick start steps have been completed? Or are there two different things going on? And if the steps have to be completed, what do I need to do? I went into the Quick Start Guide and I couldn’t find anything that indicates what actions I still need to take? Thanks in advance. Regards, Jay

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