Difference between Cloudflare Images and Image Resizing


I read the FAQ at FAQ · Cloudflare Image Optimization docs but still not very well understand the difference between “Cloudflare Images” and “Image Resizing”.

To my understand, “Cloudflare Images” is another service provided by Cloudflare. User can upload images to it, and then access the images in a URL like below:


“Cloudflare Images” will store the image, resize it, and deliver it on request.

While “Image Resizing” is just an add-on to my existing domain hosted on Cloudflare. The original image is stored on my domain, and Cloudflare cache the resized versions on the edge servers.

Are these understandings correct?

If yes, it seems to me, it is not necessary to user “Cloudflare Images”, just “Image Resizing” is enough. And “Cloudflare Images” will make it inconvenient since I need to upload all images to Cloudflare server again and then upload all the image URLs in my posts to the new ones.

Is that correct?

Yes, pretty much. Think of Cloudflare Images as a product built on top of Image Resizing that also includes image storage and upload. It’s mainly aimed at sites where end-users can upload images, rather than as a solution for the normal images on your site. (Think of a forum like this, where users can post their own images and they get uploaded and stored by the forum software.)

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Thank you very much.

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