Difference between 3rd party hosted DNS and Cloudfare

I run a podcast and have my main site at https://partyfavorz.com. The actual podcast is hosted by Podbean, which generates a virtually identical website partyfavorz.podbean.com. They do allow me to redirect the domain to my main website, which will remove it from Google’s search engine. However, they only allow a CNAME such as www pointing to their servers for it to work.

I tried adding podcast.partyfavorz.com CNAME but I cannot redirect it. I then added a subdomain podcast.partyfavorz.com, which generates an A record. Once redirected, it will only go to podcast.partyfavorz.com not the main site as instructed and Podbean does not recognize A records for some reason.

My only option is to remove the Siteground (my host) as a 3rd party for DNS and switch to Cloudfare. I had done that years ago and had some spotty performance issues but not sure if that’s changed. However, doing that would free up the www for me to redirect the Podbean site to my main site.

If I switch, do I still get SSL free with the paid service. I pay $5 a month to Cloudfare now and $14.95 a month to Siteground for Cloudfare. It seems that it works out the same either way as long as I’m getting the same service I currently have, which works flawlessly,

Also, if I switch, do I need to setup everything again or will my settings transfer over? It takes a long time to get everything the way I want but I could live with that if it doesn’t.

Any input as to my questions and what steps I should first take to make the transition as smooth as possible would be greatly appreciated.

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