Diference between a SSL Cert Plan

Hi, have three domains registered on Cloudflare minutodaseguranca.blog.br mindsec.com.br and mindsecbrasil.com.br , Can I set three SSL Cert for my domains if I by Dedicated SS Certificate with custom hostname or I need to by Dedicated SSL Cert for each one?

Dedicated SSL cert with custom hostnames said that Y can have up to 50 more hostnames. So, my doubt is because I don’t know if HOSTNAMES is the same of DOMAIN names or hostname is related to variation of prefix for my major domain (for ex. prefix1.mindsec.com.br; prefix2.mindsec.com.br) .


Each one needs its own certificate. Yes, I had the same idea.

For the custom cert, it’s 50 of anything in that domain.

At Cloudflare, each “zone” is independent. When you click into that domain’s settings, it is for that zone. So that custom certificate is for everything in mindset.com.br.

You really don’t need the custom cert if a single wildcard will cover everything. prefix1.mindsec.com.br is covered by *.mindsec.com.br. www.prefix1.mindsec.com.br is not. The wildcard isn’t *.*.mindsec.com.br

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