Didn't disable DNSSEC before transfer. Site broken

I transferred a domain from another registrar to Cloudflare but I didn’t realize that DNSSEC was enabled on it. Now, I can’t enable it on Cloudflare (it’s just stuck in a pending status) and the website doesn’t work because of the broken records between the domain and the .com zone.

I submitted a case with Cloudflare yesterday morning but haven’t heard back yet. How can I get rid of the old records on the .com zone so the site will work or get Cloudflare to overwrite them with theirs?

Can you go back to the old registrar and disable it there? Or ask them if they can?

I suspect you’ll just have to wait for Cloudflare to do it as they’re your current registrar.

Can you post the Ticket # from yesterda?

Thanks. I contacted Google Domains (prior registrar) and they said that Cloudflare would have to fix it since they are no longer the registrar.

Ticket is #1994653.

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Just following up here for anyone that sees this post in the future. Cloudflare’s support team resolved this on the support ticket that I opened. :slight_smile:

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