Didn't decrease load speed

I am using Cloudflare for a free membership and I added my WordPress account but It didn’t decrease my website speed. website link: https://make-your-website.com/

please let me know what is the problems.

Taking a look at the site you have a LOT of assets loading. This will obviously slow down the site quite a bit. There’s a specific asset wp-content/uploads/essential-addons-elementor/cb70d11b8.min.css?ver=1627120257 which took 785ms to load.

Your origin site also seems to be very slow. Since the main page is not being cached this means it will always fetch from origin, hence why it’s always slow.

GTmetrix logged 106 requests. This is a lot of assets to load on a website. You should easily be able to reduce this by a lot.

If your content isn’t changing much then I strongly suggest making some Page Rules to improve caching. A “Cache Everything” rule with some good TTLs for browser and edge would be a good idea

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please please please reply to me and check my website. I added this website also and I did everything perfectly but after use Cloudflare, my website speed was not up but speed down. please let me know why this happens.

please reply to me. I am waiting for your reply.

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