Did you really sell me something that you do not have to sell?

The reason this isn’t working is because your nameservers are wrong. You are tyring to add your domain to a different account than the one the domain is registered with. Specific nameserver pairs are assigned to each account. Your current nameservers (the pair associated with the account that you transferred the domain to) are different to the ones that the account you are logged into now, so it won’t be active on that account. Cloudflare automatically assigns the nameservers to the nameserver pair of the account that the domain is registered on, so you’ll need to find the login details for 1st account - the one that you transferred the domain to. Perhaps it was on a different email address.

If I understand your question correctly, I have only one CF account, and it is the one that I registered all of these domains with. I did change the email address on the CF account several times, but I receive emails on all of them (except the one .biz) just in order to consolidate, so it isn’t a question of having missed an email.

Is that what you meant?

Yes, this is what I was checking.

I don’t understand what you mean, but it makes me hopeful. I do realize the name servers are wrong and that is the problem, I mentioned it in a previous post. But I have had only one Cloudflare account. I have changed emails on it several times, once because I was changing registrars and was concerned that I might lose access to them temporarily during the transfer, so I removed them and added Gmail addresses as a temporary fix. One of them was my primary business address, the one associated with that .biz domain.

But these were just email addresses I saw as “members” of my one CF account, they all have the same password and billing information. I have never had separate accounts, everything is visible under the one login, If the fix is as simple as adding an email address back to my CF account I will do that right away, there are only a couple. What worries me is most of them are now controlled by CF, and the main one was the one I do not have access to any longer. Maybe I shot myself in the foot when I cleaned up the extra addresses and consolidated, but it should be a pretty simple matter for customer service to help with. It is the exact sort of thing they are there for.

They sent yet another appeasement email saying they were waiting for my reply. My reply explained everything thoroughly, so it is obvious they just wanted to be able to pass the buck back to me. Paintul.

Off-topic, but I just noticed that I sent the wrong screenshot in a previous post, sorry about that. Continuity of thought isn’t my strong suit when I am in the process of trying to decide whether CF are criminals, or they just employ amazingly lazy people. Admittedly, the economy is in a slump, and lots of tech companies are undergoing layoffs and are consequently understaffed, so this whole thing really might just be the result of poor management decisions to lay off too many employees, who knows. In any case, it is clear that, while they have good technology and once made a real contribution to internet safety and availability, Cloudflare have fallen on hard times. Let’s hope they recover, I miss thinking of them as the go-to people.

Hi there @gamaliel.pagel,

Thanks for contacting Cloudflare support, we’re sorry to read that you’re experiencing difficulties.
I reached out to you on the support ticket #2679414, this issue is now escalated internally, and we will do our best to keep you updated of further developments.

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Thank you. I saw your reply this morning, and am waiting your response.

(post deleted by author)

After upgrading twice to Pro after CF told me that it was necessary, after deleting one of the secondary names on my sole CF account and then re-adding that account so that I could post here with it, I logged back into that account on a whim, and my domain was there.

No idea why or how, but cool. After being flat out lied to about Cloudflare not being allowed to manage .biz domains, after being strung along by their joke of a registrar department, after all the incompetence, indifference and general idiocy, CF sent me a “Customer Satisfaction” survey. So heck yes, I’ll take the opportunity to vent, even knowing there is no chance that it will be seen by a human. For S’s and G’s, this is my stream of consciousness reply, after cleaning up spelling and grammar (the tiny reply box was not conducive to proofreading):

I had used your free service for several months, on a trial basis, and it was fine. The problem was that you dropped one of the domains I transferred to you, and your customer service was non-existent.

After weeks of begging and pleading that you had essentially stolen my domain, and after upgrading - twice - I resigned myself to having lost it and just emailed my clients to let them know that CF had lost my domain, lied about it by saying that they cannot manage .biz domains, then ignored me for several weeks. I let them know how poor your service was/is, and that they can reach me on my Gmail account, until I register a new email domain at a PROFESSIONAL registrar.

I am counting the days until the two months is up, so I can move my domains back to my original host, Gandi. They are better, more productive people who actually bother to address customer concerns, at least they did the one time I had one in the more than ten years I’d been using them.

Fortunately for me, I only moved a few domains from there to here experimentally, so my loss was minimized. Then, last week, I removed the extra email address I had added to my CF account, and re-added it. Low and behold, my lost domain was suddenly there in that account. Crazy. And I still get emails from you dunsels telling me that if I upgrade (again), you will “prioritize” my service requests. Nah. I paid you to register my domain re: the transfers, and you dropped the ball. I lost prospects as my email bounced, and you sat on your hands, while a bot replied to my pleading by encouraging me to upgrade to Pro. So I did. Then, you told me that if I upgrade to Business class for $200/month, you might provide service. At that point, I would rather have just lose all my domains that do business with you, or allow anyone I care about to do so without receiving an earful. But I intend to be quiet, until that 60 day timer expires, and I can move the few domains I experimentally moved to CF away. I will not feel safe until Cloudflare cannot intentionally and maliciously steal from me, I intend to only discuss Cloudflare’s abysmal customer service with my clients , friends and family.

My loss was likely minimal, not worth even discussing with my attorney, other than in friendly conversation. That is what really hurt - your incompetence and aggressive anti-customer stance was the real problem. Your security technology was solid, and preferable to the “bulletproof” hosts who protect shady sites in the Eastern bloc. Everyone drops the ball now and then, so I wasn’t stressed about you losing my .biz domain. It was your laissez faire response to my telling you that you were taking food off my family’s table that really showcased what Cloudflare is about. Tech is a great start - DirecTV, Eastman Kodak, Xerox and many others rode high on their early developments. Al three of those companies staffed themselves with the lowest paid employees they could find. They ignored the future, and relied on their past developments to keep them together. And they have all become laughing stocks as a result. DTV couldn’t hire engineers that were able to prevent their signal from being trivially hacked by hundreds of thousands of teenagers, throughout multiple full card swaps. After losing their ability to innovate, they hired legal teams to litigate, with crackpot lawsuits that implied that everyone buying an ISO7816 programmer was a criminal. And again, their attacks against the public just earned them disdain. They lost case after case against the pirates. They finally managed to sell themselves off to ATT. A once cutting edge satellite company is now just a dim memory that Rupurt Murdoch had been referring to as his ‘turd bird’. Kodak assumed that digital photography was not going to have an impact on their long obsolete product line. And who could forget Xerox, equally arrogant, are essentially just a name now. They gave the mouse to Apple, seeing it as a novelty only. And they stuck by their 50s era mimeograph technology.

I hope that Cloudflare enjoy being a name that is still spoken with (a little bit of) respect while it lasts, it is highly unlikely that you will be profitable much into the second half of the 'Twenties. Mr. Prince seemed to be such a good guy, and his tech was solid. You used to be a someone. Your stood up for the little guy, even when the little guy was scum like Daily Stormer. “Let them burn their movement down with their own actions”, that seemed to be Matthew Prince’s philosophy, and it was wonderful. Why let roaches hide in darkness, give them a platform from which they can demonstrate their ignorance. Well, that was good in principle, anyway… Now it seems that you (Cloudflare) are almost a Ponzi, with an endless maze of bots who advise paying customers to pay more. It may not be illegal, but it cannot be sustainable. I have better bots answering spam phone calls (check out Jolly Roger - I have nothing to do with them, but they are awesome nonetheless). The hilarious voice bots they use to tie up scammers are MUCH more intelligent than the copy/paste billboards you email your customers.

I hope you turn yourselves around, but the gossip on the net doesn’t sound promising. Even on your customer support forum, in the thread I started, someone who is not an employee of yours was trying to be helpful. He has a bunch of flair for having passed CF classes. It made it appear that you rely on unpaid interns, rather than employ real customer service reps. Surely that is cheaper, and he (and several other kind folks) were FAR more helpful than anything I got from Cloudflare yourselves. And that most helpful gentleman mentioned that he had just had a very bad experience with your registrar team himself.

So anyway, there you go. You asked, I answered. This is more than I got from CF, other than loss, headaches and feeling a bit like I had been victimized by Enron, or a {redacted} (although admittedly, that is Godwin’s Law creeping out, losing a $20 domain and a few prospective clients is nothing by comparison, but knowing that I was a victim of Cloudflare’s incompetence and established greed still made me a victim, so pardon me while I take a bit of liberty with my feelings). Venting helps and will continue to help throughout the future.

This shouldn’t be taken as a personal slander to whoever reads this, in the unlikely event that a human ever does. I get it - CF have become a big tech player in a decade, no easy task. But your tech is not the only game in town, and your arrogance and poor service indicate a dark future. Nonetheless, I hope you pull yourselves together.

Best wishes,

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