Did you really sell me something that you do not have to sell?

So I transferred my .biz domain, and a few other recreation/hobby domains to CF because I like your services and reputation. Gandi had been very good to me, but I wanted to start building out a hobby website, and thought CF was the place to go.

A few days later, my business emails at the .biz address started bouncing. When I checked, the domain is now transferred away from Gandi and is now in the hands of CF, but the CF control panel says I do not own the domain, that it is waiting for me to update DNS records, records that CF controls and I do not. So I emailed Support, to get support for my purchase (Registrar service), and they emailed me back, saying they can’t talk to me because I am on a free plan. They ignored my begging for help. So okay, that is a good scam, you got me. So I upgraded the .biz domain to a paid plan, and repeated my plea. At this point, Cloudflare are potentially taking food off my family’s dinner table, so of course it was worth it. And now I get an automated reply, saying that you cannot handle the .biz TLD? For real? So what can I do? After you took my money for it twice, you just shrug and say you can’t? There must be some way to fix this, please, help me.

Not according to their supported TLDs list - it says they can. You should be able to contact Registrar support even when on a free account, so I am not sure what has happened here and it looks like you’ve had a bad experience. Mind, I have also just had a pretty terrible experience with their Registrar support which I intend to file a complain or escalation about

I can try help you though, are you sure the nameservers of the domain are pointed to Cloudflare? You can check on a whois search at https://whois.com/whois/yourdomain.com

I think this may be the issue here. Support should be accessed via the dashboard, there you can select a service (Registrar) so it is routed to the right team and it knows that is a paid service.

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Indeed, but it should be pointed out that email support should be able to forward a Zendesk ticket to another team. It should have been pretty evident to the support technician/specialist that this is a Registrar issue and they could have reassigned the ticket.

Most (if not all) email tickets go straight to a bot, the only way to make sure they go to the right place is via the dashboard.

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I just received an email that my reply to this thread bounced back because I attached more than one photo, and that I should repost. So I will repost with a screenshot of my reply, and follow up again with another post of the reply from the CF helpdesk in which they say they cannot handle the .biz TLD.

Thanks for all the support, it helps a little to know that someone is listening. It is that terrible taste of having been robbed by CF that hurts as much as anything. Having to email my clients from a gmail account and explain that a Cloudflare beat me up on the and took my domain money away was worse than the potential loss of new clients.

I can continue with screenshots of every step of the way, but I am quite sure that #1 the domain is now in the hands of Cloudflare (luebbe.biz is the domain), and that the control panel says the transfer is “pending” and when I click Manage Domain, it tells me that I do not own it.

I WANT to believe this is just a fluke, a single fiber that fell through the cracks, but so far, their support staff have been useless. I will wait 60 days to be able to transfer my other domains back to a more responsive and effective registrar, and after that, I start broadcasting about this on social media. I know that it won’t help, but venting after being cheated relieves some strain.

My apologizes, I sent them a message through support, through the dashboard, not ermail. The medium is the message, right? :slight_smile: My mistake.

Agreed, your domain is in the hands of Cloudflare.

Since your current ticket is with a bot, perhaps make one through the account support page to make sure it goes to the correct Registrar team. Make sure you select the ‘Registrar’ option

Through the dashboard selecting Registrar as the category should route you to the right team.

If that’s not the case please let us know the ticket ID here.


Thanks, the two ticket IDs that I have open with them are:

#2679414 (today)

#2674537 (Monday)

I did go through the process you are describing to make those two requests, and they show Open. I will open a third, if that would help, but I am trying to be inoffensive, and piling on too many requests might rightfully get me labeled hostile, and that isn’t what I want. I just want the service that I paid them (twice) for.

No no, adding more tickets won’t help, it just slows down the process for everyone.

If the tickets show as open then it means they are in the queue, unfortunately it’s quite a long queue at the moment.

I can understand that. I am still holding out hope that this was just a fluke, and that I will be able to transfer my domains back into the more competent hands of my previous registrar after the 60 day period. Losing the cash is a drag, but I am genuinely disappointed in Cloudflare. For years, I had thought they were better than this.

Thanks again for your time, here is hoping you and yours have a great upcoming weekend.

Yeah,. and apparently they think that sending my family business to a bot for a fake resolution is “Business as Usual”

They should give the bots more responsibility, and fire more of the humans, the bots seem more competent.

My response

The Mx records resolve just fine:

 dig luebbe.biz mx +short
10 spool.mail.gandi.net.
50 fb.mail.gandi.net.

Without knowing why they are bouncing it doesn’t appear to be a DNS or registrar issue.

I know, but in the CF control panel, it says the transfer is still awaiting name servers to be changed to Cloudflare, but I cannot change them. It tells me the domain is not mine.

I see why things aren’t working, I do not see why I am unable to edit the NS record to fix the issue. I transferred four domains to CF, and the .biz domain is the only one that is still showing Pending, the others work fine. I have no control whatsoever of the .biz domain, and cannot change the NS records to what CF says they need to be. When I click on Manage Domains, I see the three. When on the main screen, I see four, one of which is still pending.

This is not a technical DNS issue, it is a customer service issue. There was a hiccup, and nobody has responded. I feel like a victim of Enron or Madoff, but on an admittedly much smaller scale.


Just to check, this Cloudflare account is definitely the one the domain was active in before and the one it was transferred to?