Did something change when connecting from W3TC?

I noticed I got a notice a few weeks ago about my site slowing down, then when I went to try and find my settings in W3TC I cant figure out where it even links from (its been a while). When I Googled it I found an article mentioning an extension for W3TC, then I dont see anything about Cloudflare in my W3TC CDN settings. I’m starting to think theres a W3TC plugin and my settings may have also been reset on one of the updates, can anyone fill me in? Thanks

I guess it is about W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress, correct?

There are some issues when using different languages.
May I ask is your WordPress language set to English first?

May I ask you to look further for Extensions β†’ Cloudflare, rather than under the CDN tab of W3TC plugin menu.

May I suggest looking into below article to find out how to properly setup W3TC + Cloudflare for your WordPress Website:

Possibly, kindly re-check the plugin developer changelog at the below link:

Ok when I download the plugin its asking to Authorize with my email and API Key, all I can find in cloudflare API Zone ID and API Account ID, none of which work for the API key I guess. I searched pretty hard with no answer

Here are some API instructions, including where the key is:

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Not 100% sure what these settings are, do I need to change anything other than selecting the wordpress template? I havent done this is years (and I think it changed), plus its not really in the link instructions, thanks for the quick reply

Usually, works fine using Cloudflare Global API Key (which we can find under My Profile β†’ API Tokens) and your e-mail (used for Cloudflare account). Also to note WordPress interface language has to be set to English.

There is a work-in-progress issue/request (in the backlog) in terms of using API Tokens with required permissions per domain/Website (due to security measurements just in case):

Global worked, I’m no jedi when it comes to this, do I need to do anything else though (other than re-configure my w3 Total Cache settings since they seem to be lost in an update)?

I believe once you connect it, all good.

You can further manage all the available through W3TC interface in your WordPress Website, or rather if in case you need some more advanced options, like Page Rules, Firewall Rules, etc., kindly navigate to the Cloudflare Dashboard and set them up per need as they are always available on demand :wink:

I am sorry to hear this. As you wish from now on.
I would recommend to follow the above tutorial β€œThe Ideal W3 Total Cache Settings + CDN Instructions (2021)” (from my frist post) about properly setting up W3 Total Cache + Cloudflare for best possible end-result to your Website visitors.

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